God Seeks Intercessors

water falls in the forest
water falls in the forest

Throughout history, God has sought out intercessors among His people. These individuals were chosen to stand in the gap and plead on behalf of others. They were the ones to whom God listened and through whom He brought deliverance. However, there came a time when God searched in vain for an intercessor, and He was appalled by the absence of anyone willing to intervene (Isaiah 59:16).

This passage reveals a profound truth about the heart of God. It shows us that He longs for individuals who will love His people enough to intercede for them. He desires those who have unwavering faith in His power to bring about deliverance. The absence of intercessors left God with no choice but to allow His judgments to fall upon the people (Isaiah 64:7; Ezekiel 22:30, 31).

The significance of this is immeasurable. It demonstrates the vital role that intercessors play in the plans and purposes of God. They are the ones who stand in the gap, pleading for mercy and forgiveness on behalf of others. They are the ones who intercede for healing, restoration, and breakthrough. Their prayers have the power to change the course of nations and bring about transformation.

Intercession is not just a duty or a task; it is a calling. It requires a deep love for God's people and a willingness to sacrifice time and effort to pray on their behalf. Intercessors must have faith in God's ability to bring about change and trust in His sovereignty. They must be willing to align their hearts with God's heart and pray according to His will.

Being an intercessor is not always easy. It can be a lonely and challenging journey. It requires perseverance and a steadfast commitment to prayer. Intercessors often carry the burdens of others, feeling the weight of their pain and struggles. But they also experience the joy of seeing God's hand move in response to their prayers.

As believers, we are all called to pray and intercede for others. We may not all have the specific calling of an intercessor, but we can still play a part in standing in the gap for those in need. We can lift up our families, communities, and nations in prayer, asking God to bring about His purposes and plans.

Let us heed the call to become intercessors, to be the ones who stand in the gap and plead for God's mercy and intervention. Let us be the ones who intercede for the lost, the broken, and the hurting. May our prayers be a sweet fragrance to God, as we partner with Him to bring about His kingdom on earth.