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My Pivot into Digital Marketing

Hello. I'm Mina, aka Auntie Mina. In this video, I am going show you how it was possible for me to pivot away from working 8-5 as a nurse to become a stay at home entrepreneur. ...

There are many mothers and grandmother's who, like me, desire to be available for their children but are caught up in the 9-5 rat race. I took a drastic step and retired but you do not have to retire to venture into home entrepreneurship.

A Message of Hope for Mothers

As both a mother and grandmother, I've discovered profound solace in the embrace of faith. Inspired by the biblical tale of Mary's relentless search for Jesus in Jerusalem, I found a reflection of every mother's experience—our fears, our guilt, and our boundless love.


To every mother navigating the challenges of parenthood, remember: God's love and grace illuminate our path and reassure us that we are cherished and supported, always. Let's embrace the journey of motherhood with faith and hope, knowing that we are never alone.

How Do You Treat Your Prodigal?

Showing unconditional love, and treating the prodigal in our lives with love, regardless of their actions, is crucial. This means offering support, empathy, and understanding, even in the face of disappointment or hurt

Embodying the qualities of love, forgiveness, and grace can have a profound impact on the prodigal's journey. Demonstrating resilience, humility, and faithfulness can inspire and encourage them to seek restoration.